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A friendly felon's guide to life after a felony

Author: Enigma, Aza.

"Being charged with a felony is not the end of the road and Aza Enigma is here to help you keep pushing forward through the cloud of doubt." - Publisher's description.

Table of Contents:
Surviving parole/probation
Building new networks
Cutting old connections
Building an educational framework
Figuring out next steps
Setting goals and prioritizing
Building a business
State by state information
Final words.

A gentrification reader

Other Author(s): Skot.

Includes bibliographical references (page 65). This zine is a compilation of articles from other publications on gentrification that has occurred and is occurring in various cities, including New York, New Orleans, Portland, Chicago, and London. - From publisher website.

Anxiety is really strange

Author: Haines, Steve, 1966-.
Other Author(s): Standing, Sophie.

Includes bibliographical references. "What is the difference between fear and excitement and how can you tell them apart? How do the mind and body make emotions? When can anxiety be good? This science-based graphic book addresses these questions and more, revealing just how strange anxiety is, but also how to unravel its mysteries and relieve its effects. Understanding how anxiety is created by our nervous system trying to protect us, and how our fight-or-flight mechanisms can get stuck, can significantly lessen the fear experienced during anxiety attacks. In this guide, anxiety is explained in an easy-to-understand, engaging graphic format with tips and strategies to relieve its symptoms, and change the mind's habits for a more positive outlook." -

At the feminist bootcamp

Alternate title: Menstrual cups through the ages

Author: Loge, Lilli. Author listed as: Dr. Paraphylia.

Pagination includes cover. Author listed as: Dr. Paraphylia. "We're not here to enjoy ourselves!!!"

Civilization will eat itself

Author: Prieur, Ran.

An entirely hand done account from a primitivist point of view about utilizing technology while realizing the contradiction, society imposing work and school upon us, and the way Romans at the end wrote history as if their empire wasn't about to crumble. Maybe they didn't realize it or maybe they were trying to prevent the public from realizing it. The good seems new, the bad seems old and accepted, and questionable changes are portrayed as good. The US writes the history books nowadays; are we about to be overtaken by metaphorical Visigoths? It's all hand written in a format that aesthetically reads very nicely. Ran doesn't talk about these things like he's the expert; he explores it like it's a conversation with a friend. Come check out the computer geek who thinks that computers are the downfall of society. - From publisher Personal reflections on the origins of civilization, how civilization has been a negative force, and what it might look like to reject it.

Detox your masculinity

Full title: Detox your masculinity: how cultural bullshit fucks up men's body image: what to look for and what to do about it

Author: Harper, Faith G.
Other Author(s): Sapp, Aaron,

Body image problems and eating disorders have long been considered mostly to be women's problems. But did you know that men are even more likely than women to suffer from distorted or dysmorphic body image? So basically we're all screwed by patriarchal ideals of how we ought to look. Whether you're hung up about your weight, or looks, or muscles, or hair, or penis size, or whatever, this shit can control your life in scary ways. In this zine, Dr. Faith and Dr. Aaron walk you through how you know if you've got a problem and practical, science-based ways to cope and improve your image of yourself as well as your physical and mental health. Whether you're cis or trans, learn to be comfortable in your body and let the cycle of toxic masculinity stop with you.

Dropping out (for students)

Author: Cavegirl.

A personal zine. Cavegirl's DIY zine documents her decision to drop out of school and how it has affected her life. She provides among other things, advice on dumpster diving, shoplifting, panhandling, and squatting.

Table of Contents:
Issue #1: Part one: an introduction to the radical idea of dropping out
Why I'm doing this
How it all began (my story)
And now...
Part two: doing it yourself!
Getting the hell out of there
Free food and stuff
Sleeping and traveling
Self defense
Beyond survival.

Everyone calls themselves an ally until it is time to do some real ally shit

Author: Xhopakelxhit.
Other Author(s): Hill, Gord; Banks, Annie; Ancestral Pride.

Ancestral Pride - Cover. Imprint from publisher's Web site. "Xhopakelxhit, a member of Ancestral Pride, (some badass, grassroots, indigenous, direct action land defenders from unceded Ahousat territory) made this zine about how to be anti-racist/anti-capitalist white settler ally to people in all kinds of struggles - indigenous and otherwise. Featuring artwork from Gord Hill and Annie Banks, it offers very concrete action ideas and resources that anyone can empower themselves with in the battle for restorative justice and building allies with settlers." -

Fat is beautiful

Author: Hartman, Crystal.

This political zine deals with the social stigmas around being fat, reclaiming the word and offering examples, scientific facts, quotes, and statistics as to why society should accept fat people, including statistics on dieting and sex. It includes contributions from Laurie Ann Lepoff, Sondra Soloway, and an excerpt from "It's a Big Fat Revolution" by Nomy Lamm.

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