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University Archives Robert Mortvedt Papers File
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Speeches and Papers (1923-1943)

This file contains the following speeches and papers given by Mortvedt from 1923-1943:
“Give Me My Pound!” (1923), “Lincoln” (St. Olaf College, 1928), “Education Without Graduation” (Commencement at St. Olaf College), “A Stroll the Emmaus Road” (Sermon for Chapel, January 19, 1934), “Youth’s Place to Stand”, “Edmond Rostand”( St. Stephens College), “We Seek a Country” (Augustana College, June 6, 1939), and “Measurement of Progress” (Stephens College).

Correspondence (1949-1953)

Correspondence during Dr. Mortvedt's time at the University of Kansas City (UKC) concerning editorials written by Dr. Mortvedt, faculty employment, administrative questions, speakers at UKC, and Dr. Mortvedt's role as acting President. Letters are from the mayor of Kansas City, faculty, president Decker, other university administrators, and friends. There are also copies of letters sent by Dr. Mortvedt during this time period.

Articles on Scandinavia (1950)

During his trip to Scandinavia in 1950, Dr. Mortvedt wrote many articles about his experiences and the culture: "The Marshall Plan Really Works in Denmark", "Oslo Celebrates Independence Day and The Nine-Hundredth Anniversary of the City", "Colony Gardens in Denmark and Norway", "The Lighter Side of Traveling in Scandinavia", "ECA program in Sweden", "The Midsummer Festival at Leksand, Dalecarlia, Sweden", "The Fourth of July in Oslo, Norway", "Midsummer Festival at Leksand, Sweden", "Norway Tries to Come Back", "ECA Program in Norway", and "A Recipe for Jaded Appetites in Kansas City". In addition to the typed essays, there are also the clippings from the Kansas City newspapers in which they appeared.

Board of Trustees (1946-1954)

Reports from president Decker to UKC Board of Trustees, between Dr. Mortvedt and members of the Board of Trustees, letters to Board of Trustees from members of the academic and local community, memos to the faculty, and a definition of the vice president's authority. Also included are the documents regarding the UKC scandal/crisis: letter of resignation from Dr. Mortvedt, correspondence with the board, correspondence between Dr. Decker and the Board, letter of termination from President Decker to Dr. Mortvedt, letters from alumni to the Board, statement made by Dr. Mortvedt regarding the events, a study of problems confronting university made by a temporary committee of alumni, an Interim Report made by president Decker to the Board, and Dr. Mortvedt's response.

Memos and Correspondence (1952-1957)

Correspondence with friends, former president of Bethany (Emory Lindquist), Lutheran Mutual Life Insurance, The Bethany Press, Dean Hadley, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower regarding the omnibus farm bill. There are also memos from the Board and correspondence to and from Dr. Emory Lindquist.

Speeches (1960-1962)

Speeches delivered by Dr. Mortvedt throughout 1960-1962: a bound copy of “The Music of A Different Drum” (September 1960), bound copy of “The Role of the Christian College” (October 1960), “Education ‘Under God’” (February 1960), “What’s In A Question?” (1960), “The Geese that Never Flew” (March 1960), “Poised to Walk on A Star” (1961), “The Role of the Church-Related Hospital in Nursing Education” (September 1961), “Have Book—Will Travel or What Is Literature?” (January 1961), “In Him All Things Hold Together” (May 1961), “The Role of Education in Tomorrow’s World” (May 1961), “Education in His Name” (1961), “For Our Colleges: A Mighty Report” (1961), and “Thoughts on Coming Home” (1962).

Augustana College’s Centennial Convocation (1960)

File contains materials regarding the Centennial Celebration in 1960 for Augustana College in Sioux Falls, Iowa including the centennial convocation at which Dr. Mortvedt delivered the address “The Music of a Different Drum” and was awarded the 1960 Centennial Award. Also included are a brief biography of Dr. Mortvedt and a “Historical sketch of Augustana College” written for the occasion.

Detroit Convention (1962)

A report about the Board of Higher Education to the 1962 United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) convention in Detroit and a synopsis of this convention.

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