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SPEC ZINE-ZINE-S55-2003 · Item · 2003
Part of Zine Collection

"This zine is a thorough examination of the topic of gentrification. It provides an overview of academic writing and theorizing on the topic, summarizing considerable research in an easy-to-understand manner. It defines gentrification, looking at the economics behind it, and the realities of gentrification. The final section of the zine explores various anarchist anti-gentrification efforts, offering helpful history and insight while even offering some ideas for future directions."

SPEC ZINE-ZINE-S37 · Item · undated
Part of Zine Collection

"At the height of the fateful year 1968, as the country was well past the edge of civil unrest and the SDS, facing its own split between militant and pacifist factions (thus forming the Weather Underground), the Work-In Committee of the SDS produced this pamphlet on the formation of an alliance between workers and students in the United States much like their French counterparts were doing half a world away." - From back of cover

SPEC ZINE-ZINE-R47-2000 · Item · 2000
Part of Zine Collection

"Too often, research is the last task activists think of when they engage in a campaign, usually coming only at the point that someone sits down to write a leaflet or a press release and then discovers that the one thing missing is the information required to really condemn the company or other agency being targeted. Being a good activist means knowing and using all available tools - including solid research skills."

On the Black Liberation Army
SPEC ZINE-ZINE-M86-2002 · Item · 2002
Part of Zine Collection

Author: Jalil Muntaqim

"Originally written in 1979, this is an inside account/critique, from the New York Three Black Panther and BLA political prisoner. This is a chapter from a to-be-published compilation of Jalil's prison writings - We Are Our Own Liberators. "

Guerrilla warfare : a method
SPEC ZINE-ZINE-G83-2013 · Item · 2013
Part of Zine Collection

Author: Ernesto "Che" Guevara

"Ernesto "Che" Guevara is one of the most iconic figures of the 20th Century. Whether regarded as a brutal murderer or a gifted tactician, it is hard to doubt the impact he has had on those on both sides of history. Che Guevara's Guerrilla Warfare explores the necessary actions and requirements to maintain and operate a guerrilla army in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds." - From back of cover

War is a Racket
SPEC ZINE-ZINE-B88-2013 · Item · 2013
Part of Zine Collection

Author: Smedley Butler

"War is a Racket is the title of a speech and a booklet by former U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, one of only 19 people to be twice award the Medal of Honor, in which Butler frankly discusses from his experience as a career military officer how business interests have commercially benefited from warfare. After he retired from the Marine Corps., Gen. Butler made a nationwide tour in the early 1930's giving his speech 'War is a Racket'. The speech was so well received that he wrote a longer version as a small book with the same title published in 1935. Last Word Press is proud to reprint this anti-war book for a modern audience." - From back of cover

SPEC ZINE-ZINE-B75 · Item · undated
Part of Zine Collection

The Black Liberation Army & the Weather Underground

"Bring the War Home! Vol.1: Forgotten Heroes is a collection of writings by and about two iconic groups, The Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground. Writings included are by Assata Shakur, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Kuwasi Balagoon, Kathy Wilkerson and Craig Rosebraugh, among others, offering a slice of history that is often romanticized by anarchists who should know better. Read for yourself and learn from the past." - From back of cover

Palestine, mon amour
SPEC ZINE-ZINE-B66-2015 · Item · 2015
Part of Zine Collection

Author: Alfredo M. Bonanno

"A large collection of short writings on the ever topical, and thorny topic of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. Originally published from 1988-1995, they are more meditations on the likes of Jewish identity, the role of the Kibbutz, and the need for an overall Israeli-Palestinian insurrection, than commentary on current events."

SPEC ZINE-X46 2010 · Item · 2010
Part of Zine Collection

Author: Xhopakelxhit.
Other Author(s): Hill, Gord; Banks, Annie; Ancestral Pride.

Ancestral Pride - Cover. Imprint from publisher's Web site. "Xhopakelxhit, a member of Ancestral Pride, (some badass, grassroots, indigenous, direct action land defenders from unceded Ahousat territory) made this zine about how to be anti-racist/anti-capitalist white settler ally to people in all kinds of struggles - indigenous and otherwise. Featuring artwork from Gord Hill and Annie Banks, it offers very concrete action ideas and resources that anyone can empower themselves with in the battle for restorative justice and building allies with settlers." -

Woke parenting #1
SPEC ZINE-W65 2018 · Item · 2018
Part of Zine Collection

Author: Harper, Faith G.
Other Author(s): Scott, Bonnie.

Full title: Woke parenting #1 - doing our best to raise intersectional feminist, empathetic, engaged, and generally non-shitty kids
Got kids in your life? This zine is full of helpful wisdom about raising them to be socially aware, respectful of others, willing to speak up and stand up for what's right, and comfortable in their own skin. Not sure how to talk to your kid about boundaries and consent? What about staying safe around potentially hostile authority figures? What if your kid is obsessed with gendered stuff in a way that makes you uncomfortable? What do you say when your kid loudly comments about someone's race or gender or body on the bus? How do you teach your kid about the world's injustices and still let them know they're safe and loved? Bonnie and Faith are parents and therapists and have been around all these blocks more than a few times. Read this and start your own conversations to build a better world for the next generation.