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Speak out!: a zine exploring gendered violence

Author(s): Fogelson, Julia; Mykhaylova, Mary.

Collects stories and art focused on "gendered violence" a term that includes any act that perpetuates structural inequality on the basis of gender.

War is a Racket

Author: Smedley Butler

"War is a Racket is the title of a speech and a booklet by former U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, one of only 19 people to be twice award the Medal of Honor, in which Butler frankly discusses from his experience as a career military officer how business interests have commercially benefited from warfare. After he retired from the Marine Corps., Gen. Butler made a nationwide tour in the early 1930's giving his speech 'War is a Racket'. The speech was so well received that he wrote a longer version as a small book with the same title published in 1935. Last Word Press is proud to reprint this anti-war book for a modern audience." - From back of cover

Research for Radicals : a how-to manual for activists of all kinds

"Too often, research is the last task activists think of when they engage in a campaign, usually coming only at the point that someone sits down to write a leaflet or a press release and then discovers that the one thing missing is the information required to really condemn the company or other agency being targeted. Being a good activist means knowing and using all available tools - including solid research skills."

Short Circuit : towards an anarchist approach to gentrification.

"This zine is a thorough examination of the topic of gentrification. It provides an overview of academic writing and theorizing on the topic, summarizing considerable research in an easy-to-understand manner. It defines gentrification, looking at the economics behind it, and the realities of gentrification. The final section of the zine explores various anarchist anti-gentrification efforts, offering helpful history and insight while even offering some ideas for future directions."

Unfuck your work

Author: Harper, Faith G.

Full title: Unfuck your work: makin' paper without losing your mind or selling your soul
Dr. Faith offers tips on how to deal with your work environment if it is giving you stress and/or emotional over-load.

What the ladies have to say

Author: Tarlet, Ronni.

Full title: What the ladies have to say: activists in Palestine, Indonesia, and the Philippines

Railroad semantics. #5

Author: Dactyl, Aaron.

Fraizier Landslide - Pasco's Hump - Scenic Sub - Read more books in Seattle - Cascade Tunnel - Marshall Canyon - The Scablands - Spokane - Ainsworth jct. - Coalca - Argo Yard - Brooklyn Sub ... - Cover. "Railroad Semantics is no less a high spirited an adventure to read than the train hopping it describes. You are swept along as you precariously climb aboard and jumble down the tracks with Aaron Dactyl and his fellow travelers. As the story unfolds and you become familiar with the terrain in the fascinating pictures contained herein, you can't help but imagine you're one of the animated characters riding along as you attempt to avoid detection. Before long it's one of your tags Aaron spots and photographs under a bridge or on the walls of the box cars he uses to traverse from the snowy white capped peaks to the tree lined valley floor on his way north and south between cities. The morning dew dripping from the rail yard's grassy meadows signifies it's time to navigate the maze of tracks to catch the next train. Sometimes you must take flying leaps of faith from the cars onto the rocky ground below in order to out run the authorities. But by the end you're waving goodbye to your new friend to return to your mundane life, anticipating his return." - From publisher

Shotgun seamstress

Author(s): Atoe, Osa.

Introduction by Golnar Nikpour. Contains reprints of no. 1 (2006)-6 (2011) of the zine Shotgun seamstress. Shotgun Seamstress discusses the difficulties of being a black person within dominantly white punk and queer scenes. The author and contributors give anecdotes about their experiences at punk concerts. Osa interviews local punk artists of color, and provides excerpts of her own writing about racism. The zine incorporates images and sparse typewritten sections for a dynamic effect on each of the pages. Multiple issues have been produced, each focusing on a different aspect of black punk culture (e.g. Toni Young, love, money) and how people of color interact with popular culture.

The prison-industrial complex & the global economy

Author: Goldberg, Eve.
Other Author(s): Evans, Linda.

Includes bibliographical references (pages 20-22). A look at the economic motives for continued, excessive imprisonment of individuals.

Table of Contents:
Prison statistics
Poem: Going into the prison
The prison-industrial complex and the global economy
Prisons are big business
Labor and the flight of capital
The war on drugs
Prison labor
Welcome to the new world order
What is to be done.

This Body of a Woman I Inhabit

Author: Adcock, Juana, 1982-.
Other Author(s): Arscott, Nicky, 1983-

Book is split in half, one side is in English (This Body of a Woman I Inhabit) and the other side is in Spanish (Este Cuerpo de Mujer que Habito). "Through the use of metaphor, This Body of a Woman I Inhabit provides lets you empathize with a story in an original way. Not to mention the fact that you're going to get both a Spanish and English translation, opening up this beautiful visual and verbal articulation to even a larger readership! If you're struggling with your gender identity, the way people treat your gender identity, or are looking to get more in-tune with a different life perspective, this zine is for you." - From publishing company

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