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SAGA 1953

SAGA 1953, page 148. Captioned "M-m-m - ice cream cones! Two unknown students.


Music Library

SAGA 1953. Glen Savage and Bob Johnson in the new music library inside the Chapel-Music-Speech Building.


Student Council, 1952-1953

SAGA 1953. Student Council 1952-1953. Left to right, Row 1: Richard Stuhlmiller, Marguerite Thompson, Paul Wangsmo, Lloyd Eastman. Row 2: William Rieke, Annie Romtvedt, Elwood Rieke, Ron Douglass, Phyllis Grahn, Glenn Johnson


Toastmasters, 1952-1953

SAGA 1953. Toastmasters, 1952-1953. Left to right, Row 1: Vernon Lestrud, Theodore Grotjohn, Glenn Johnson, Lloyd Eastman, Ron Douglass. Row 2: Paul Running, Edwin Beutler, Robert Ross, Alvin Fink, Edwin Morken, Dale Keller, Glenn Werner, Robert Brog, Robert Johnson, William Utzinger, Paul, David Roe, Ralph Koster.


Queen of the May and Attendants, 1953

SAGA 1953. Queen of the May, Grace Foege. Attendants, clockwise from left front: Nan Aageson, Janet Carson, Thelma Nygaard, Nancy Shinkoethe, Janet Miller, Constance Hansen, Marilyn Djarf.


Lutheran Daughters of the Reformation, 1952-1953

SAGA 1953. Lutheran Daughters of the Reformation. Left to Right, Row 1: J. Nelson, E. Hessen, D. Ogens, J. Backstrom, P. Aune, M. Liming. Row 2: J. Schief, N. Borgford, M. French, G. Foege, I. Astrup, K. Gulhaugen, J. Pierce. Row 3: M. Lunde, R. Sather, S. Slagle, Miss Knudson, M. Geldaker, L. Frazier, T. Nygaard, M. Knott, P. Brandt, M. Triolo, H. Meyer, P. Moris, M. Solterbeck, J. Wigdahl, E. Peterson, J. Hansen, M. Olsen, M. Sunset.


Saga staff 1953

SAGA 1953. Saga ad solicitors, Phyllis Grahn and Patricia Molver.


Letterman's Club, 1952-1953

SAGA 1953. Letterman's Club. Left to right, Row 1: T. Siek, D. Brown, R. Larson, B. Ross, A. Fink, D. Chesterfield, D. Morris. Row 2: D. Predmore, D. Larson, G. Shaw, B. McAdams, A. Swanson, O. Magnuson, G. KIeweno, R. Madsen. Row 3: D. Keller, P. Wangsmo, G. Werner, B. Brog, C. Forsland, B. Borden, L. Eastman, D. Griswold, T. Grotjohn.

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