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Everyone calls themselves an ally until it is time to do some real ally shit

Author: Xhopakelxhit.
Other Author(s): Hill, Gord; Banks, Annie; Ancestral Pride.

Ancestral Pride - Cover. Imprint from publisher's Web site. "Xhopakelxhit, a member of Ancestral Pride, (some badass, grassroots, indigenous, direct action land defenders from unceded Ahousat territory) made this zine about how to be anti-racist/anti-capitalist white settler ally to people in all kinds of struggles - indigenous and otherwise. Featuring artwork from Gord Hill and Annie Banks, it offers very concrete action ideas and resources that anyone can empower themselves with in the battle for restorative justice and building allies with settlers." -

Woke parenting #1

Author: Harper, Faith G.
Other Author(s): Scott, Bonnie.

Full title: Woke parenting #1 - doing our best to raise intersectional feminist, empathetic, engaged, and generally non-shitty kids
Got kids in your life? This zine is full of helpful wisdom about raising them to be socially aware, respectful of others, willing to speak up and stand up for what's right, and comfortable in their own skin. Not sure how to talk to your kid about boundaries and consent? What about staying safe around potentially hostile authority figures? What if your kid is obsessed with gendered stuff in a way that makes you uncomfortable? What do you say when your kid loudly comments about someone's race or gender or body on the bus? How do you teach your kid about the world's injustices and still let them know they're safe and loved? Bonnie and Faith are parents and therapists and have been around all these blocks more than a few times. Read this and start your own conversations to build a better world for the next generation.

What the ladies have to say

Author: Tarlet, Ronni.

Full title: What the ladies have to say: activists in Palestine, Indonesia, and the Philippines

Survival Without Rent: how to set up your own squat

Author: Tobocman, Seth

"A how-to guide on setting up a squat, from the perspective of living in New York City and in response to the housing situation there. The contents include how to form a group; finding a building, getting in; emergency repairs; heat, light and fire safety; makeshift toilets; legal hassles; and a list of helpful organizations. Includes many illustrations and photographs, as well as political illustrations by Seth Tobocman." - From publisher

Solidarity unionism at Starbucks

Author: Gross, Daniel.
Other Author(s): Lynd, Staughton.

Legendary legal scholar Staughton Lynd teams up with influential labor organizer Daniel Gross in this exposition on solidarity unionism, the do-it-yourself workplace organizing system that is rapidly gaining prominence around the county and around the world. - From back of book

Table of Contents:
A Booklet Series on Practicing Solidarity Unionism?
About the Authors
I. Introduction
II. In the beginning
III. Starbucks Workers Union (SWU)
IV. Update.

Firewood: build your cabin in the woods

Author: Sine.

In this zine, it offers serious real-life help in building your own house, growing your own food, making your own music, art culture, life. With information on how to physically do it, even all by yourself, there is also help on salvaging materials, obtaining cheap materials and building houses of wood, straw-bale, cob, Tipis and Gers. Also, you can read about growing your own Anarchist Victory Garden and get a little lesson on Land Ownership in Scotland. In general, a really inspiring and helpful zine. - From publisher

Shotgun seamstress

Author(s): Atoe, Osa.

Introduction by Golnar Nikpour. Contains reprints of no. 1 (2006)-6 (2011) of the zine Shotgun seamstress. Shotgun Seamstress discusses the difficulties of being a black person within dominantly white punk and queer scenes. The author and contributors give anecdotes about their experiences at punk concerts. Osa interviews local punk artists of color, and provides excerpts of her own writing about racism. The zine incorporates images and sparse typewritten sections for a dynamic effect on each of the pages. Multiple issues have been produced, each focusing on a different aspect of black punk culture (e.g. Toni Young, love, money) and how people of color interact with popular culture.

Civilization will eat itself

Author: Prieur, Ran.

An entirely hand done account from a primitivist point of view about utilizing technology while realizing the contradiction, society imposing work and school upon us, and the way Romans at the end wrote history as if their empire wasn't about to crumble. Maybe they didn't realize it or maybe they were trying to prevent the public from realizing it. The good seems new, the bad seems old and accepted, and questionable changes are portrayed as good. The US writes the history books nowadays; are we about to be overtaken by metaphorical Visigoths? It's all hand written in a format that aesthetically reads very nicely. Ran doesn't talk about these things like he's the expert; he explores it like it's a conversation with a friend. Come check out the computer geek who thinks that computers are the downfall of society. - From publisher Personal reflections on the origins of civilization, how civilization has been a negative force, and what it might look like to reject it.

Mettanoia: Mental Health & Self Care Strategies

Author: Pederson, Shea,

Includes helpful resources. "A brief look at mental health and self-care in an easy-to-read format. If you're struggling with your mental health, this may be the zine for you!" - From publisher

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