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SPEC ZINE-E55 2017 · Item · 2017
Part of Zine Collection

Author: Enigma, Aza.

"Being charged with a felony is not the end of the road and Aza Enigma is here to help you keep pushing forward through the cloud of doubt." - Publisher's description.

Table of Contents:
Surviving parole/probation
Building new networks
Cutting old connections
Building an educational framework
Figuring out next steps
Setting goals and prioritizing
Building a business
State by state information
Final words.

Civilization will eat itself
SPEC ZINE-P75 2004 · Item · 2004
Part of Zine Collection

Author: Prieur, Ran.

An entirely hand done account from a primitivist point of view about utilizing technology while realizing the contradiction, society imposing work and school upon us, and the way Romans at the end wrote history as if their empire wasn't about to crumble. Maybe they didn't realize it or maybe they were trying to prevent the public from realizing it. The good seems new, the bad seems old and accepted, and questionable changes are portrayed as good. The US writes the history books nowadays; are we about to be overtaken by metaphorical Visigoths? It's all hand written in a format that aesthetically reads very nicely. Ran doesn't talk about these things like he's the expert; he explores it like it's a conversation with a friend. Come check out the computer geek who thinks that computers are the downfall of society. - From publisher Personal reflections on the origins of civilization, how civilization has been a negative force, and what it might look like to reject it.

SPEC ZINE-S56 2002 · Item · 2002
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Author: Sine.

In this zine, it offers serious real-life help in building your own house, growing your own food, making your own music, art culture, life. With information on how to physically do it, even all by yourself, there is also help on salvaging materials, obtaining cheap materials and building houses of wood, straw-bale, cob, Tipis and Gers. Also, you can read about growing your own Anarchist Victory Garden and get a little lesson on Land Ownership in Scotland. In general, a really inspiring and helpful zine. - From publisher

How to Boycott
SPEC ZINE-B54 2019 · Item · 2019
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Author: Biel, Joe, 1977-.
Other Author(s): Blue, Elly.

Full title: How to Boycott: make your voice heard, understand history, & change the world
From Chick-Fil-A to the Boston Tea Party, Nike to Women's Suffrage in the U.S., United Farm Workers to the Woolworth's Lunch Counter, boycotts have been an instrumental way to push the needle and change the world from the ground up. This zine distinguishes between virtgue signaling and boycotts and how to channel the lessons from history to change the world in your own movements by building effective coalitions and creating public sympathy for them. Read up and you'll be along with the wild ride of history as well as tips from those who were successful about how to be the change that you want to see! - From publisher

SPEC ZINE-P43 2019 · Item · 2019
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Author: Pederson, Shea,

Includes helpful resources. "A brief look at mental health and self-care in an easy-to-read format. If you're struggling with your mental health, this may be the zine for you!" - From publisher