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Berggren Family History
SIE 4-25 · 1613-1908
Part of Manuscript Collection

Family history of the Berggren family, beginning with Johan Olofsson, born circa 1620. He was married to Karin (last name unknown), born in 1631, died in 1706. They had four children. Olofsson was a miner on the Saxan farm and was a juror and county judge until 1679. He was a member of parliament for several terms. The history is written in Swedish, first published in 1908.

Kjesrud Family History
SIE 4-31 · 1635-1967
Part of Manuscript Collection

Contains a genealogy along with reproductions of photographs, a general history of the family and of the area they came from, and personal recollections of the author.

Swedish Tercentenary Program
SIE 5-252 · 1638-1938
Part of Manuscript Collection

A program commemorating the 300th Anniversary of Swedish people in America (1638-1938), beginning with the establsihment of the first Swedish Settlement in Delaware. This file contains a festival program for the celebrations commemorating 300 years of Swedish history in America, beginning with the founding of a Swedish settlement at Poutatax Creek in Delaware. The program consists of commemorative announcements by the Washington State governor and Seattle mayor, a timeline of related events since 1583 and the birth of Axel Oxenstierna, a list of speeches, pageants and songs performed, lists of founding members of the committees and organizations that contributed to the tercententenary event, advertisements from sponsoring local businesses, and the end of a commemorative speech by Dr. G.A. Magnusson of Gethsemane Lutheran Church.

Paul A. Rennord Records
SIE 4-273 · 1668-2001
Part of Manuscript Collection

The documents, letters, personal items, and resources Paul Rennord researched of his Swedish and Norwegian ancestors between the years 1982 and 2001. This collection is a compilation of the documents, letters, personal items, and resources Paul Rennord had accumulated of his Swedish and Norwegian relatives and ancestors between the years 1982 and 2001, as well as information on Scandinavian history and culture, and ranges from the 1600’s to the 1990’s.

The earliest documents, those from the seventeenth century, are church records from the parishes of Aamot and Ørre Rendal in Norway. The largest part of the collection is the series of family letters collected and kept by Paul’s grandmother, Anna Louisa Lind and his mother, Evangeline. This compilation of letters includes the family of both his mother and his father, Arnold Rennord Schreiner. The Schreiner and Rennord families, who make up the first part of the compilation, appear to have a history connecting them as early as the 1700’s. The Schreiners, according to Paul Rennord’s research, were a family of carpenters who originated from Germany and settled in Norway sometime between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Arnold Schreiner moved to the United States in about the 1890’s and then married Evangeline Lind in 1913. The Schreiners in the United States officially changed their name to Rennord in 1918.

The second part of the collection consists of letters from Evangeline’s Swedish family. Her mother, born Anna Louisa Gustafsdotter in 1844, had two husbands, first Jonas Alfrid Johnson and after his death she later married Swan Lind. The collection includes the letters of the families of both her husbands, as well as the family of her father, Gustaf Isaksson. These letters range from 1869 to about the 1970’s. Also included are the correspondence between Paul Rennord and his relatives from Norway and Sweden.

Skute Family Genealogy
SIE 5-226 · 1709-1794
Part of Manuscript Collection

A list of the Skute II family from Norway from 1709-1794. Family tree of the Skute II family, starting with Tor Olsen Ske and Birgitte Olsdottir. Single document showing the family tree of Skute II over 5 generations.

SIE 5-214 · 1728-1925
Part of Manuscript Collection

History of the discovery of Alaska by Scandinavians and the trades and population thereafter. One 24 page document without title, author, and date. The history of Alaska after it was discovered by Scandinavians, especially noted are the mineral, fur, fishery industries, and other trades largely contributing to the economic value of Alaska. Also notes the population of the country and the division of the land into districts. The document contains information about the different settlements in Alaska, and how they are populated. The end of the document lists train stations, post offices, and towns.