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Holy Bible

A Holy Bible engraved with “Prof. J.U. Xavier” and titled “Holy Bible with Ideal Helps” and “Illuminated Holy Bible: Red Lettered Edition” from 1920.

Diary 1893

Diary kept while Xavier was at Luther College. In it he frequently writes and mentions choir, that he “staid home” to read and write, offer of employment as President at Bode Academy, with graduation on August 7th. Contains many doodles, a feather between two pages in May, and letters, accounts, and addresses at the back of the diary.

Diary 1894

This diary contains a receipt form Ben Bear Square-Dealing Clothier, records of love letters sent through his friend, regular work (location or position unnamed), time spent with a woman named Miss Anable, that he read Les Miserables and attended choir practice. In this diary Xavier no longer writes about the weather, writes often in code, and crosses out a number of pages. A cash account and account of letters sent/received appears at the end of the diary. This diary is missing from the collection.

Diary 1904

This diary, kept during Xavier’s early days at PLA, includes many programs for PLA concerts, mentions various home repairs (including building a washstand), and preaching during non-PLA hours. He possibly is running the PLA library at this time because he mentions creating a PLA card catalogue. He further mentions late nights, planning a garden, Anna is doing well in Washington, and makes the first mention of his future wife, Miss Signe Skattebol, on May 15. On August 19th a suspected prostitute propositions Xavier in Parkland, but he tosses his head and walks away. He is still in choir and the vice director of something (unspecified). Memorandum, addresses, accounts, and blotting paper appear at the back of the diary.

Diary 1906

This diary, kept during Xavier’s time at PLA, includes programs from Luther College concert band and chorus tour and “She stoops to Conquer” at PLA. He continues to tach English, History, Greek, Latin, Bible, Zoology, and other subjects. It is further mentioned that he takes field trips with his Zoology class, he buys a cow, paints his house, has the idea to decorate the outside of Old Main on August 13th for a celebration, and is the president of the PLA Missionary Society. He continues this journal until Feb. 13th of the next year. A list of letters and accounts appears at the back of the diary.

Diary 1908

This diary, kept during Xavier’s time at Oak Knoll, skips a great deal but mentions that he gives 3 to 5 acres to his congregation for a cemetery but no longer preaches. He does not like having to spank his pupils, but does so on March 24th for the first time noting it hurt them both. He mentions there are rowdy boys in school that don’t obey him, he moves back into his house, continues home repairs, and his sisters, Amanda and Ellen, make short visits. He writes to other colleges to get opinions on PLA, but possibly doesn’t make mention where he is after the summer. Cash accounts and addresses appear at the back of the diary.

Diary 1913

This diary, kept during Xavier’s time at PLA, skips the whole month of February and he writes little on the whole but mentions that Sign gets appendicitis, goes to the hospital and undergoes a 21-minute operation. She recovers well. In the back of the diary appear a list of accounts and bills, and only one address with the following in the back pocket: 2 tickets for Tacoma Lecture Course- both tickets have the lectures from Strickland Gillian, The Stroller’s Male Quartette, and Dr. Harvey W. Willey marked off.

Diary 1918

This diary, kept when PLA was shut down, mentions visiting the dentist a great deal, his parents begin to go into town on their own, and rarely notes that they do anything together, he takes up golf, and now works at the Arm Post doing some kind of construction. One day the scaffolding he’s standing on break and he falls 17 feet. He is confined to bed rest for the next two days and is laid off when he returns to work. He puts his property up for sale, but makes no further mention where he works after. The front of the diary includes a streetcar schedule with a pressed dandelion.

Diary 1919

This diary, kept during the time Xavier worked at Younglove Grocers, skips all of January and February, his father dies on March 13th, he skips all of April, and works a great deal of overtime at Younglove. It further mentions that Signe and Olga can a good deal of fruit, but he only mentions World War I when the armistice is signed. Various receipts and insurance forms appear at the back of the diary and in the back pocket: a Younglove receipt, various other receipts, advertisements and Puget Sound Electric Railway Timecard.

Diary 1920

This diary, kept during Xavier’s time at Younglove Grocers, skips most of May and June. The Xaviers adopt a boy from Tacoma General Hospital on the 24th of July; they name him Paul. Unfortunately, Paul loses too much weight too quickly, so he is taken back to the Hospital. Once back, he steadily gains weight and Xavier records his rising weight often. Paul also begins to talk. Ella (sister of Mr. Xavier) also adopts a child. Various receipts and 2-cent stamps appear in the front of the book.

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