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Scrapbook and Postcards, 1915-1947

Scrapbook contains:

  • Two postcards, one written in Swedish by Stephen to Emma Forslund in Sweden and one written in English by Signe to Stephen Forslund.
  • Wedding announcements
  • Death announcements
  • Wedding anniversary articles
  • Articles about Swedes and people living in Tacoma.
  • Article written by Stephen Forslund
  • Pictures of graduates in 1934.
  • Picture and article about Lillian Farrier and Marjorie Johnson

Photocopies of Newspaper Articles, 1950-1975

(original articles are not in scrapbooks)
Svenska Posten 1950, 1960, 1963; Scandinavian American 1950 (Vasa Lodge); Tacoma News Tribune 1957 (Anderson Island), 1979 (Erling Mork, Mark Parker, Tacoma Hotel); English- Forslunds wed 60 years,

Scrapbook, 1953-1979

An original scrapbook including mostly newspaper articles from the late 1960s to the early 1970s:

  • A letter from the Swedish Order of Valhalla thanking Stephen Forslund for his historical chronicle of the club dated April 1957.
  • Articles in English and Swedish from Valhallas Krönika Articles about Valhalla
  • Letter from Gilbert S. Schaller to Stephen Forslund thanking him for information on Swedish Olivine
  • Application dated 26 April 1957
  • Articles about the Swedish Archives in the Northwest.
  • Articles about the Wake Island Monument Newspaper clippings about Swedes in Pierce County
  • One article about resistance during World War II.
  • Articles about historic Swedes in America
  • Article about the “first president of the United States,” John Hanson
  • Articles by Stephen Forslund
  • Articles about using American instead of Swedish in Swedish associations Swedish policies on sex education and equality
  • Articles about Sweden
  • Articles about Swedes
    -Articles about the Vietnam War

Scrapbook, 1960-1962

Scrapbook contains:

  • Articles in Swedish and English from the 1960s
  • Articles about Sweden
  • Article about Vikmanshyttan in Dalarna, Sweden.
  • Article about Domnarvet Järnverk, Sweden
  • Article about Smedjebacken Valsvärk, Sweden
  • Article about survivors from Titanic
  • Articles by Stephen Forslund Valhalla
  • Excerpts from Readers Digest
  • Articles about Richard Nixon
  • Articles about President Eisenhower East and West Germany
  • Articles about Swedish immigrants
  • Article about Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Forslund’s fiftieth anniversary
  • Obituaries


View of the Hauge Administration Building. The Tacoma-Pierce Administration Building, later renamed the Hauge Administration Building, was completed in 1960 as an office and classroom facility.

Scrapbook, 1963-1975

An original scrapbook including:

  • Articles from the 1960s and 1970s, in English and Swedish
  • Newspaper clippings about Swedes in Pierce County
  • Newspaper clippings about Swedish history and its people in Pierce County
  • Newspaper clippings about events involving Sweden
  • Newspaper clippings about Pierce County and its history
  • Articles about the organization “Valhalla”
  • Articles about and by Stephen Forslund, The articles by Stephen Forslund are his summary of everyday events and comments on different people in the area.
  • Articles about Vietnam, the Arms Race, and army desertions
  • Articles about Swedish politics
  • Articles about Saint Lucia
  • Obituaries


Nancy McCallum and Jerry Johnson, co-chairpersons for Homecoming 1965, dressed for the theme of "1890-Mirth and Majesty."

Back of photo: 1890 - Mirth & Majesty Homecoming co-chairmen, Jerry Johnson / Nancy McCallum


Ordal Hall is a dormitory built in 1967. It is named for O.J. Ordal, college president from 1921 to 1928.

Back of photo: Ordal Hall

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